Flight case for DHC 32


Owing to the special delivery requirements of this item, please contact [email protected] for a quote. This will calculate your exact transport charges.


Even if the transport company assures you otherwise, we strongly advise against putting a harp in the hold of an aeroplane, or on a transport van, without a hard-shell flight case. 

This flight case is designed to be used together with the padded transport cover. Do not use it without the padded cover as well. 

– Innovative, ultralight, robust material (polycarbonate)
– interior padded with technical foam, velour and high-performance fabric to protect your harp
– quick and easy to close
– easy to move on high-quality rollers

Dimensions: 124 x 70 x 14 cm

Weight: 6.7 kg

Additional information

Weight 6,7 kg


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