Ischell “X-Jack” pickup and preamp


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This is the latest version of the famous, portable Ischell system. The magnificent AirBag-C contact mic has been configured to offer a traditional jack output (asymmetric signal), and also an XLR output (symmetric signal), thanks to the included preamp and DI box. Powered by 9v battery (supplied), or phantom power in XLR. 

The X-Jack system is the most performative and versatile way to amplify your harp in many circumstances, whether together with a compact amp, or a professional PA system. 

Contact mic, detachable installation, 45 cm pickup cable, dual jack and XLR outputs, works on phantom power or 9v (500 hours) battery automatically, strong on-stage levels. 


  • Contact mic with 45cm length / 2mm diameter cable
  • Attach system to instrument with velcro
  • Works on phantom power from 9v to 48v or 9v battery (500 hours)
  • XLR low cut filter, 3 positions: flat / 180 Hz / 360 Hz
  • Symmetric XLR output
  • Asymmetric jack output 
  • Sticky putty for mounting
  • Instruction manual 
  • Storage case 

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