The Breton Harp Anthology – Volume 2


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THE BRETON HARP ANTHOLOGY (ANTOLOGIEZH TELENN BREIZH) is a unique collection of three music books dedicated to the Celtic harp featuring around forty harpists from Brittany or living in Brittany among the best musicians performing the modern Celtic harp.

This collection encompasses all generations, from those like the iconic Alan Stivell who brought the instrument back to life in 20th century Brittany, to the exciting harpists emerging today. And let us not forget those who have passed away in recent years, particularly Kristen Noguès whose music is being published here for the first time and the composer Pierre-Yves Moign whose work in the traditional Breton field and the Celtic harp in particular certainly has its place in this collection.

More than a hundred traditional tunes, arranged or composed mainly for the solo Celtic harp but also for duets or trios, have been brought together in this anthology. Known for its hundred faces and customs, Brittany is symbolized here by the diversity of styles and genres: historical tunes, gwerzioù, dances, marches, slow airs, religious songs, sea shanties, songs, lullabies… all of which cover a wide range of what we call the pays of Brittany.

The tunes have been classified into volumes according to the three levels of the Conservatoire: the first volume (elementary or level 1) contains simple tunes to introduce the basic technique of the instrument. Volume 2 (intermediate or level 2) consists of a wide range of difficulties and styles in order to develop this technique. And finally, volume 3 (advanced or level 3) goes even further, reaching a professional level.
We hope that you will have as much pleasure in playing these tunes as we had preparing this collection. ANTOLOGIEZH TELENN BREIZH would not have been possible without the harpists and those whose interest, enthusiasm and energy allowed the completion of the project.
We are grateful to them for that. To all, we would like to express our deepest respect for the exceptional development of our instrument to which they have contributed.

Tristan Le Govic

Includes pieces by:
Nolwenn Arzel, Anne Auffret, Hoëla Barbedette, Brigitte Baronnet, Yann Bertrand, Dimitri Boekhoorn, Dominig Bouchaud, Aurore Breger, Nikolaz Cadoret, Grégory Cappoen, Georges Cochevelou, Jakez François, Armelle Gourlaouën, Muriel Isambert, Florence Jamain, Gwenael Kerleo, Soazig Kermabon, Mariannig Larc’hantec, Tristan Le Govic, Anne Le Signor, Françoise Le Visage, Mael Lhopiteau, Cristine Mérienne, Martine Millet, Myrdhin, Pierre Nicolas, Soazig Noblet, Kristen Noguès, Nolwenn Philippe, Anne Postic, Hervé Quefféléant, Pol Quefféléant, Gwenola Roparzh, Alan Stivell, Vinciane Tronson, Clotilde Trouillaud, Quentin Vestur, Marie Wambergue

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