Delivery times and options

The Camac webshop offers you the following delivery options:

  • Standard post

Standard post is the cheapest option. Standard post means your order will be sent by the normal postal service, without a tracking number or insurance and without any guaranteed delivery time.

When choosing this option, it is useful to know that all our webshop orders leave from our offices and workshops in Mouzeil, deep in the French countryside.

From Concorde to Châteauneuf-du-Pape, France has created many wonderful things, but its national post is not one of them. Delays measured in weeks are not unknown, especially for international deliveries. Should this be inconvenient, we recommend (in ascending order of price):

  • UPS standard

This has a tracking number, so you can follow when it is likely to arrive. Somebody needs to be present to sign for the package when it arrives. You can rebook your delivery slot directly with UPS. 

  • UPS standard access point

This has a tracking number, and will be delivered to your nearest UPS access point instead of your home. Clients who are frequently not at home may prefer this option.

  • UPS express

This has a tracking number, will be delivered to your home and is the fastest way to receive your order.