Combo tuner metronome for lever harp KORG TM-70T BK (without pick-up)


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Does not include pick-up.

The TM series, an innovative concept of combined tuner and metronome, offers a wide variety of functions and exceptional visibility. It’s the ideal tool for learning tuning and rhythm.
The latest model, the TM-70T, improves on the original concept, making it easier to use than ever. Not only is it small enough to fit in a pocket, but it also boasts a new, clearer display and a new transposition function (F, Bb, Eb), making it the ideal partner for any musician. The sound quality of the metronome and audio output has also been improved, making it easy to hear, even in noisy environments.
The quality, speed and precision of tuning, essential to any performance, have also been improved.
The TM-70T is entirely Made in Japan.

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