Pedal wraps for concert harp


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The set comprises 7 pedal wraps, ready to install on your harp. They are pre-glued for the quietest possible pedalling. 

Installation: with a large flat-tip screwdriver, unscrew and remove the gold metal ends of the pedals. Then, take off the old wraps. 
Put on the new wraps by sliding them onto the pedals. Next, screw the metal pedal ends back into place. 
Positioning: when you slide the wrap onto the pedal, check that the wrap’s seam is positioned along the outside of the groove. 
D,C,B pedals: align the seam at 10 o’clock.
E,F,G,A pedals: align the seam at 2 o’clock. 
The longest two wraps are for the D and A pedals. 
NB: these wraps are suitable for Camac harps only. 

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Weight 0,067 kg

Red reinforced felt, Green reinforced felt (only for Canopee)


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