The Harper’s NOT


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To all harpists who struggle with string knots, we are delighted to offer “The Harper’s NOT”, devised by our friends at Dusty Strings.

We know that tying a slippery string on a small dowel or piece of thicker string can be tricky, to the point where a broken harp string can become a source of stress and anxiety. At Dusty Strings, they looked into this problem to find a simpler way of attaching the string that would hold tightly without breaking the string or losing tone. Their “String Buttons” are a brilliant solution that meet all these requirements.

– Endlessly reusable
– Easy to thread
– Do not unravel when the knot is tightened
– Knot tightens automatically as you wind up the new string
– Suitable for nylon and gut strings up to 2mm diameter on any harp.

One pack contains 12 black string buttons, instructions and a link to an instructional video.

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