Tool for regulating Camac levers



Hex key toolset for regulating Camac levers.

  • 4 mm key to regulate the upper register
  • 5 mm key to regulate the middle register
  • 6mm key to regulate the bass register

To use: tune the string. Apply the lever and check the tuning of the altered note. 

If the note is no longer in tune and the lever therefore needs regulating, release the lever again so you are working with the open string.

If the note is too sharp, tighten the bridge pin (pushing it into the body)
If the note is too flat, loosen the bridge pin (bringing it further out of the body). 

Do this in segments of ¼ of a turn, because the effect is achieved very fast. Having adjusted the bridge pin, re-tune the open string, and then check the result with the lever activated. 

This tool can be used on any harp with Camac levers. 


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