PARET Betty : Second Harp Book


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Deep in the forest, french canadian air ;
Evening song (Rousseau) ;
While bagpipes play (Bach) ;
The queen’s music (believed to be written by Marie – Antoinette) ;
Lolotte’s complaint (creole folk song) ;
Theme from the 11th piano Sonata (Mozart) ;
Dolphins in the waves ;
The bell buoy rings ;
The white gull’s flight ;
Minuet from Don Giovanni (Mozart) ;
Skye boat song (scotch) ;
Sonatine, 1rst movement (Clementi) ;
Troubadour’s song (early Middle Age) ;
Valse gracieuse (Mozart) ;
Hornpipe (Purcell) ;
Sarabande (Haendel) ;
16th century spanish dance ;
Menuet from French Suite # VI (Bach) ;
Air (Purcell) ;
1rst prelude (Bach) ;
Sarabande (Corelli) ;
The lord’s prayer (Malotte) ;
To a wild rose (Mc Dowell) ;
Allegretto (Haydn) ;
Nocturne (Schumann) ;
Alabama lullaby ;
Choral, excerpt from Saint Matthew Passion (Bach) .

The Queen’s music, Don Giovanni minuet, Sarabande by Haendel, Air By Purcell, Sarabande by Corelli, Nocturne by Schumann, are playable on single or double action harp .
16th century spanish dance, Minuet from the French Suite VI by Bach, first prelude by Bach, the Lord’s prayer, To a wild rose, Allegretto by Haydn, Choral from Saint Matthew Passion by Bach for pedal harp .
All other pieces are playable on all harps .

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